50 Things We’re Ridding Our Lives Of In 2013

New Year’s resolutions imply  a commitment to follow through. We don’t want to put that much pressure on ourselves, but let the record stand: there are things we’re done with in the coming year. After the jump, what Frisky staffers intend to 86 from our lives in 2013. Share yours in the comments!

1. That third cup of coffee when I’m already jazzed.

2. My phobia of making or returning phone calls.

3. Anxiety about not being good enough at everything.

4. Accepting a date with anyone I don’t REALLY want to go out with.

5. Middle-of-the-night insomnia

6. My bad attitude on the subway.

7. Strings-attached relationships.

8. Self-doubting thoughts.

9. Keeping my iPhone near me at all times.

10. Putting doing the dishes off until tomorrow.

11. Overbooking myself.

12. Wondering if any of my exes miss me.

13. Letting the recycling pile up.

14. Forgetting to charge my phone.

15. Never having any stamps.

16. Getting involved in arguments with people I know will never agree with me.

17. Working too hard and not recharging my batteries enough.

18. Picking up that random sweet thing left laying around the office

19. Complaining just to have something to talk about.

20. Impulse purchasing of magazines.

21. Buying new items before I run out just so I have back stock.

22. Taking cabs for no good reason.

23. That second bottle of wine.

24. Being overly agreeable.

25. That third can of Diet Coke.

26. Feeling impatient with people, even with those who’ve earned it.

27. Cursing in front of young people.

28. Ordering an alcoholic beverage when what I really want is a Diet Coke just because everyone else is drinking.

29. Forgetting to workout even though I hate it but it makes me feel better.

30. Mindlessly watching TV when I could be reading a book.

31. Eating ALL the dessert when I really just need a taste.

32. Ordering so much takeout.

33. Shying away from confrontations

34. Saying YES to things out of a feeling of obligation.

35. Managing email compulsively.

36. Purchasing clothes/accessories/beauty products to make me feel better.

37. Stressing about what will happen in the next five years.

38. Hitting the snooze button too many times.

39. Saying sorry for things that are either not my fault or don’t even require an apology.

40. Getting down on myself when clothes don’t fit right.

41. Bailing on relationships/therapy/self-growth as soon as it gets too hard.

42. Throwing all my hand-wash clothes in the machine and hoping for the best.

43. Staying up waaaaayyy past my bedtime.

44. Buying three new nail polishes anytime I go to ANY store.

45. Feeling like I have to return text messages right away.

46. That growing stack of papers on my desk.

47. The tension in my neck and shoulders.

48. The animosity between me and a family member.

49. Too much refined sugar.

50. My engagement ring.