Ned Rocknroll: Who Is Kate Winslet’s New Husband?

Kate Winslet is officially off the market! Last night, her publicist confirmed that Kate had married her boyfriend of just over a year, Ned Rocknroll (more on that name in a second), in a quiet ceremony in New York in early December. Quiet, yes, but secret is more like it — even the couple’s parents weren’t invited. Who was? Well, Kate’s two children, from her two previous marriages (to Jim Treapleton and Sam Mendes), and Leonardo DiCaprio, her co-star in “Titanic,” who allegedly gave the bride away. (I don’t want to poop on Kate’s happiness and all, but I can’t be the only person who is sad she didn’t just marry Leo so that Jack and Rose can be together forever!!!)

So, who is Ned Rocknroll? Let’s find out.

1. He wasn’t born Rocknroll. This may come as a complete shock, but Ned Rocknroll, 34, is not his given name. Ned was actually born Abel Smith and changed his name legally because, according to his first wife, “He thought we all took ourselves too seriously so it was about reacting against it.” While I don’t think there’s anything rock ‘n’ roll about changing your last name to Rocknroll, I have to admit, I kind of love Ned’s reasoning.

2. He’s the nephew of Sir Richard Branson. Yes, the Virgin mogul. And nepotism has treated Ned kindly — he works for his uncle’s company in the space tourism division, and gave himself the title of Head of Astronaut Relations and Marketing.

3. He wooed Kate while she was dating someone else. Kate and Ned met at his uncle’s vacation home on Necker Island in August 2011, when Kate was dating model Louis Dowler, who accompanied her on the trip. On that same vacation, Branson’s house caught fire during Hurricane Irene and Winslet famously saved Branson’s mother Eve from the blaze. Clearly, the experience bonded them because Kate ditched Dowler and took up with Ned immediately. Louis Dowler was not amused.

4. He’s also been married before. Rocknroll was married for two years to British socialite Eliza Pearson, daughter of Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson, or the Viscount of Cowdray (a county in West Sussex). Apparently, she dumped him and their relationship is still cordial — though I wonder how he felt about this long tell-all in the Daily Mail.