Hacktivists Threaten To Release Personal Information Of Football Players Allegedly Involved In Assaulting Drunk Girl

Two weeks ago, The New York Times ran an enormous article about a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, where members of the football team participated in the rape of a drunk girl in August. Images and videos captured the night, when a 15-year-old drunk girl was carried to multiple parties, raped and peed upon. Two 16-year-old boys were arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping. Many other students — including Steubenville football players — were said to have participated and are supposedly being coddled by police and their community. You can read the full, difficult, sordid story from the Times here.

Now, Internet vigilante groups — hactivists — have taken over the football team’s website and are threatening to make many of those involved pay by releasing private info online.

The sports blog Deadspin reports that both Anonymous and KnightSec, two Internet vigilante groups, have hacked the school’s Roll Red Roll through its webmaster. Indeed, you can check out the website yourself, where the groups posted both text and a video explaining their threats.

The group has already released preliminary documents online with a list of names of young men at the party and how they were involved in the rape — including who allegedly took pictures and filmed and who allegedly set up the attack in the first place. (The victim’s ex-boyfriend, ugh.) It’s got everything from phone numbers to email addresses of the accused. You can read that document here.

Unless the 15-year-old girl and her family receive an apology, the groups intend to release personal information online, like social security numbers, as well as identify their relatives.

Stay tuned to see what actually happens …

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