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The love affair between Cousin Matthew and Lady Mary is about to get even more twisted, if that’s even possible. A spokesperson for “Downton Abbey” has confirmed to Deadline Hollywood that Dan Stevens, the actor who plays Matthew Crawley, won’t be coming back for season four. Noooooo!

Well, this is all I have to say about how I feel about that.

Stevens had been dogged by rumors he wasn’t planning to re-up his contract, supposedly so he can take advantage of his newfound fame in the U.S. He has appeared on Broadway with Jessica Chastain in a show called “The Heiress” and is supposedly attached to the upcoming film about Wikileaks.

Warning: Do NOT read the Deadline Hollywood link below unless you are prepared to face a spoiler about what happens in last night’s Christmas episode, which aired in the UK.

[Deadline Hollywood]

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