Are People Really Asking Each Other For Their Credit Scores On First Dates?

Frisky readers, I need your help putting my mom’s fears to rest. Today, she sent me a link to an article on AlterNet about a recent New York Times trend story that claims single folks are now asking the people they date for their credit scores on first dates. “I find this very disturbing,” my mom wrote. She wasn’t specific about what she found so disturbing, but knowing my mom the way I do, I suspect that while she’s bothered by the utter invasive shallowness of such a question, especially at such an early point in the “relationship,” she’s also grossed out by the way the credit industry is attempting to infiltrate every possible crevice of our lives.

My first instinct was to call bullshit on this trend, simply because I know how trend stories are made in the New York Times lab. Writer’s friend’s sister hears random weird story over brunch in Brooklyn + press release for new-ish website/book/study related to the topic landing in writer’s inbox in same two week period = IT’S A TREND! See previous NY Times’ trend stories on dresses, man buns, Big Buck Hunter and bangs for proof that NY Times trend stories are either about things that are not trends at all or were trends, like, a year and a half ago.

All that being said, my mom, I could tell, remained unconvinced and concerned. “I hope you’re right,” she wrote. And, upon further inspection, it does seem like the credit industry is trying to get their hooks in single folks any way they can, including setting up a couple dating sites — including and — which help match singles based on their credit scores. But though I have not been out on a proper date in months and months, I refuse to believe that my fellow singles are actually asking each other for their credit scores on dates one, two, five or even 10 for that matter. I mean, I get the validity in dating someone with whom you share similar views on money matters and that it’s probably not the best idea to marry someone with a fuckload of credit card debt, but are we really screening potential loves of our lives based on how good their credit score is?

So, settle this for me and my mom, single folks who actually go on dates — have you ever asked someone on a date what their credit score is? If not, would you? And has anyone asked that question of you on a date? Or is this “dating trend” just another NY Times trend story FAIL?

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