Beware: Your Boss Can Fire Your Flirty Ass

I will never so much as smile at my boss Amelia again. Why? Because the Iowa Supreme Court ruled today that an employer can fire an employee that he or see finds sexually “irresistable.” The case in question was dentist James Knight who fired his attractive assistant Melissa Nelson because both he and his wife thought this woman could come between them. Also, she wore “distracting” tight clothing! An all-male panel of seven judges agreed this slutty slut had to go: they said it’s not discrimination for bosses to fire someone with whom they have an “irresistible attraction,” even if the person in question has not flirted with them.

Knight himself sounds like a pig: he once told Nelson the bulge in his pants was a sign her clothes were too revealing and the two exchanged a bunch of flirty text messages. Knight’s wife found the messages and freaked; she asked her husband to fire Nelson and the family pastor agreed with him. So that’s what James Knight did instead of, I don’t know, stop talking to his assistant about the bulge in his pants?

I forsee the ruling will be terribly misapplied with women employees being the majority of the ones that bosses find too hot to touch. (Or, rather, too hot to not touch.) Knight’s attorney is championing this lawsuit win as a victory for “family values” … except for Noble’s Nelson’s family, who are shit out of luck that James Knight can’t be trusted to keep his hands to himself. [AP]

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