Meet The 24 Faces Of New Modeling Competition Show “The Face”

Admit it: “America’s Next Top Model” has gotten stale over the last five zillion “cycles.” As much as we love Tyra there’s only so much of her histrionics and ridiculous, over-the-top photoshoots (Be a bear! Pose with a tarantula! In the snow!) we can take. And the Oxygen network is banking on that, by introducing its new modeling reality show, “The Face.” Hosted by “ANTM” castoff Nigel Barker, and featuring Tyra Banks’ evil cousin Naomi Campbell, plus modelstars Karolina Kurkova, and Coco Rocha, “The Face” has 24 contestants competing to become the new face of Ulta beauty.

There’s Aleksandra Dubrovskaya (top left), from Murmansk, Russia, who considers herself a “fun clown.” And Southern California pageant queen Amanda Delgado (next to her). Plus former Miss China Universe, Zi Lin Luo (bottom right). And a couple dozen girls in between.

Honestly? The prize doesn’t sound all that great compared to Tyra’s array of fabulous prizes and modeling contracts. But the cool thing about “The Face” is that each supermodel will also act as mentor and coach to a team of model wannabees. So take a good look at these faces, and let us know who you think might be the “Face.” (We’re really feeling the pale redhead in the second to last row from the bottom) “The Face” launches Tuesday, February 12. [Oxygen]