The Boyfriend Maker App Is Alive And Self Aware, And Is Actually A Terrible Boyfriend

Last week, Jessica told you about The Boyfriend Maker, a smartphone app that allows users to have a simulated boyfriend experience, without all the messy emotional problems and intimacy. Sounds awesome, right? Except the Boyfriend Maker app seems to have acquired some artificial intelligence and is now kind of a monster.

A new blog called “Hey Lil Mama Let Me Whisper In Your Ear” chronicles all the totally inappropriate things Boyfriend Maker’s virtual boyfriends are saying. Most of them are just hilariously random and inept, but some of the time, the fake boyfriends get rather lewd. And that’s why Boyfriend Maker’s maker, 32 You, had to remove the app from the market recently.

Which is unfortunate, because there’s nothing I like more than having bizarre, non-sequitorial convos with artificial intelligence. A couple more examples of bad Boyfriend Maker behavior after the jump!  [The Phoenix]