Woman Says Boss Sexually Harassed Her With His “Flabby” Torso

Long Island woman Christina Ianntielli is suing her former employer for harassing her with his “flabby” moobs and torso. The 24-year-old former Comptroller says the that 33-year-old President of Empire Digital, Scott Brodsky, would sniff her hair, strip off his shirt, jiggle his “flabby” bits and say, “Who would want to date this?” As if that weren’t repulsive enough (my boss once ate a hard-boiled egg in front of me and I felt harassed … I can’t imagine the chub scenario), Brodsky allegedly gave Ianntielli “gifts and raises” and demanded sex in exchange.

“If he’s trying to get me to have sex with him, he’s saying the most ridiculous things … How does he even think that would work?” Iannitelli said. (I’ve often asked myself the very same question, just, thankfully, not at work.)

Brodsky denies exposing his flab, saying that Iannitelli is trying to extort money from the company. “It is a shame there are people like this in the world,” he said. On the company’s website, Brodsky describes himself as “a very unconventional business man” with an “out of the box humor and welcoming personality.”

He forgot to mention his flabby middle.

Somebody’s lying.

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