The British Are Coming! 9 Brits Who’ve Invaded American TV Shows

Does it shock you to know that pretty much everyone on the cast of “Homeland” is British? British people have long managed to trick hapless American audiences into believing they’re one of us. They can do our accents so well, it’s mindboggling. Most of the time, Americans totally blow when it comes to Brit accents (see also: Renee Zellweger in “Bridget Jones’ Diary.”)

Take this clip of “Homeland”‘s hot ginger Damien Lewis on the Jonathan Ross show. How much hotter is Nick Brody with a British accent? Also, did you know David Harewood who plays David Estes, and Rupert Friend, who plays Peter Quinn (aka Agent Cheekbones), are both also Brits? And that’s not all. Take a peek at some of the British actors who are on some of your fave TV shows and listen to them speak in their native tongue.

David Harewood, who plays David Estes on “Homeland,” in his native tongue.

Rupert Friend!

“True Blood”‘s Stephen Moyer, who plays southerner Bill Compton and is the husband of his co-star Anna Paquin, is originally from Essex. Anglophiles will know Essex as basically the British equivalent of “Jersey Shore”‘s Seaside Heights.

Brit Josh Bowman plays Daniel Grayson on “Revenge.”

Amelia still can’t get over the fact that Andrew Lincoln, who plays extremely twangy Rick Grimes on “The Walking Dead,” has a posh British accent in real life.

Idris Elba, aka Stringer Bell from “The Wire,” is originally from East London, and once got to play Beyonce’s husband (in the terrible movie “Obsessed”).

Elba’s “Wire” co-star Dominic West, who played Detective McNulty, is also a Brit and currently uses his for realz accent on the hit British show “The Hour.”

Brit Hugh Laurie got his start as a comedian, and actually sings, too.