Liza Long, Blogger Behind “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” Appears On CNN

Liza Long, the blogger behind the post “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” which went viral following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Friday, appeared on CNN last night to discuss her motivations behind writing the piece, respond to critics who questioned whether she violated her son’s privacy, and to update everyone on how “Michael” (not his real name) is doing. Long said her post was a cry for help; though Michael is a happy, sweet child 97 percent of the time, he is prone to out-of-nowhere violent rages that doctors have yet to find an official cause for.

Long says that there have been a number of diagnosis considered for Michael’s mental health issues — including that he might be on the autism spectrum — but nothing has fit yet; Michael is current living at an acute inpatient facility, where Long took him following the knife incident detailed in her blog post. Long says Michael knows about the blog post and that he says that if it helps other people understand [situations like theirs], it’s a good thing.

In the long run, I think Long’s post has done a lot to bring awareness to mental health issues, especially those faced by children and adolescents, and the need for more resources and support. However, the connection to Adam Lanza and the horror he brought upon the community of Newtown, CT, is tenuous at best, at this point, and I hope any further conversation about Long’s story is clear about that.