Instagram Can Now Sell Your Grainy Manicure Photos

Yesterday, Instagram released an updated privacy policy and terms of service statement that has caused something of an uproar in the land of lo-fi pancake photos. The gist of it? Instagram now reserves the right to sell your photos, it doesn’t have to tell you about it, and the only way to opt out is deleting your account. Facebook, which completed its acquisition of Instagram three months ago, has similar policies regarding the photos you share on your profile, but since Instagram deals only in pictures, CNet reporter Declan Mccullagh points out that these changes “effectively transform the website into the world’s largest stock photo agency.”

Now when I take a picture of my fabulous gold-glitter Essie nail polish, Essie could theoretically purchase that photo from Instagram and use it in their advertisements. Another possibility that has people genuinely concerned: all those cute pictures of your two-year-old niece are now up for grabs, the buyer can profit from or publicize the images however they want, and you would never know. So, will Instagram’s new policies affect your photo-sharing habits? Will you delete your account? I’m undecided on how to proceed, but Amelia says she’ll be changing the subject matter of her Instagram feed: “I won’t be taking pics of other people’s kids now, but I would be okay with Instagram using photos of Lucca, as it could aid my quest to make her the most famous dog in America.” So, there you go. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! [CNet]