21 Things We Do To Make Ourselves Feel Feminine

Hey, masculinity and femininity are totally constructions. That’s some Women’s Studies 101 stuff right there. Nevertheless, there are times when we just really want to dig in and fulfill our essentialist ideals. That’s likely why a thread on Reddit last week blew up — men were asked, “What thing do you do to make yourself feel manly?” and a range of responses came in. Everything from “running my hands through my chest hair” and saying “‘make it double’ while ordering a drink,” to “fixing things around the house without calling a professional” and “cooking meats, preferably on a BBQ” were mentioned.  And while none of these things necessarily embody maleness, they are telling social markers for what we’ve come to expect of masculinity.

So in the spirit of sharing, we’ve come up with our own list of things that make us feel “feminine.” Even if “femininity” isn’t really a real thing. Check out our list and share yours in the comments.

  1. “Pouting to get what I want.”
  2. “Wearing silk stockings, especially thigh highs.”
  3. “Wearing skirts and dresses, high heels and lacy lingerie.”
  4. “Wearing girly makeup like blush or lipstick.”
  5. “Painting my nails.”
  6. “Wearing perfume.”
  7. “Lighting candles in my bedroom and putting on sexy music.”
  8. “Shopping for beauty products ad nauseum.”
  9. “Occasionally, I shave my legs.”
  10. “Looking away when men stare at me, just because I can.”
  11. “Walking with swagger.”
  12. “Buying a pair of pants that look good on my ass.”
  13. “Taking leisurely bubble baths.”
  14. “When I have a man, I like to cook for him.”
  15. “Wearing a man’s buttondown to bed always makes me feel feminine.”
  16. “Flirting flirting flirting with anything that moves.”
  17. “Playing with my hair constantly.”
  18. “Turning on the charm to bend the rules or get out of certain situations (like speeding tickets).”
  19. “Rubbing body lotion over my boobs after a shower.”
  20. “Buying tampons.”
  21. “Crying at cotton commercials when someone is swaddling a newborn baby in a blanket.”