16 Amazing Gifs Of Christina Aguilera Being Awesome On “The Voice”

Season three of our fave reality TV show/Blake Shelton awful tattoo showcase, “The Voice,” is almost over, and we are gonna be so sad to see it go. Especially because favorite mentor and extensions enthusiast Christina Aguilera is reportedly not returning next season so that she has the time to “fulfill my creative soul.” Maybe she’s got a bunch of wigs to comb? Or is planning an all out surprise warbling attack at a neighborhood mall? Whatever the case, next season will see Xtina replaced by Shakira, and tiny man nugget Cee Lo traded in for Usher. Let’s commemorate all the good times we’ve had with Chrissy A. through the power of 16 gifs, one for every tear we’ll cry.

Oh, I’ll just be over here with my fan, y’all.

Go on with it, bitches.

Girls, really, my fan.

I love what you did, but I could still do it better. Can I get an AMEN!?

You’re almost as good as me. JUST KIDDING!

Serious face!

Hmm. What kind of sandwich do I want for lunch?

Oh, I’m bashful, bitches!

Smell you laterz.



I’m, like, shocked.

I’m dancing! I’m dancing!

Ooooh! Ahhhhh!


Eww, Adam.