Woman Wins $1.5 Million Settlement After Being Accused Of Lying About Sexual Assault

  • Sara Reedy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has won a $1.5 million settlement after she was falsely accused of both theft and lying about a sexual assault. The gas station where a then-19-year-old Reedy was employed was robbed and she was forced to perform oral sex on the burglar at gunpoint. But the cops decided she stole the money herself and was lying about the attack and insinuated she had a drug problem. She fought back against the police and sued for their mishandling of her case, exposing a larger issue of law enforcement’s insufficient response to investigating sexual assault. Now she’s 27, has won a lawsuit against police and is working to make sure no woman ever has to go through the same ordeal as she did. [Guardian UK]
  • Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold … why are there so few female mass murderers? [The Week]
  • Republican former Governor Mike Huckabee was all too happy to suggest that the “tax funded abortion pill” is to blame for the Newtown massacre. [Feminist.org]
  • Five states where it is harder to get an abortion than it is to get a gun. [Think Progress]
  • Frisky contributor Melissa Petro on the difficulties women face in employment after they leave sex work. [Daily Beast]
  • Former CIA agent Valerie Plame has praised the Kathryn Bigelow film “Zero Dark Thirty” for its realistic depiction of female spies. [Guardian UK]


  • Checking back in with Aesha Mohammadzai, an Afghani woman whose face was disfigured by the Taliban. She is now living in America and has been undergoing reconstructive surgeries. [CNN]
  • The Dubai Film Festival has awarded their prize for Best Arabic Feature Film to “Wadjda,” a movie about a girl who tests the limits put on females in Saudi Arabian society. [AFP]

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