Japanese Women Realize Digital Boyfriends Are Easier Than Real Life Boyfriends

My roommate and I joke that her cat is kind of our joint boyfriend. Like a human boyfriend, Boo is very affectionate, loves to pick food off our plates, and throws the occasional temper tantrum which can only be quelled with cooing and snuggles.

Hmm. I just re-read that last sentence and it screams “CAT LADY.” Maybe it’s time to leave Boo alone and make like a Japanese woman instead: I will find myself a digital boyfriend from a “role-playing love game”! You know, like a Tamagotchi … with a penis.

According to Reuters, single, professional Japanese women are obsessed with “role-playing love games” on smartphones where they pick for themselves imaginary suitors based on characters in manga comics. Game providers invent new “sim” boyfriends all the time, in case you tire of the one who have a want to chuck him to the curb.

Experts say that having a relationship with “sims”  is much easier for Japanese women than carrying on a real relationship, as they are very focused on their careers. (There’s probably less dirty socks on the floor and hot wings overflowing from the trash can, too.) They can pull out their smart phone and pay attention to their “relationship” … then put it away for three weeks and not have to think about it until until there’s a spare moment. As someone who is also intensely focused on her career, I can understand this.

But all jokes aside, it’s troubling to me that human beings are connecting on an emotional level with imaginary creatures instead of, you know, other human beings. People have terrible enough dating skills as it is. Don’t make it worse, tech industry! Getting involved in a relationship with a man (or seven) from a “role-playing love game” doesn’t sound altogether different from a dude getting involved in a relationship with his blow-up sex doll. No offense, Ryan Gosling’s character in “Lars And The Real Girl.”

Maybe let’s put away our digital boyfriends, deflate our sex dolls, and ask a real life human being out for a drink? (Or, at least, snuggle a cat?)

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