Bushmaster, Maker Of The Rifle Used In The Newtown Massacre, Equates Gun Ownership With Manhood

On the left is an ad for Bushmaster, maker of rifle used by Adam Lanza in Friday’s Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. It is part of a larger campaign which equates manhood with ownership of a firearm. The “Mancard” campaign lets users revoke a guy’s mancard (bottom right is an example of a revoked mancard for, seriously, an “Adam L”) for such offenses as using too much anti-bacterial soap, being a crybaby, ordering an appletini in front of another dude, and “being on a short leash.” However, the good news is that by buying a Bushmaster rifle, just like the one used to murder 20 children and six educators, your mancard is instantly reissued. Bushmaster will likely be pulling this campaign at any second, but the internet never forgets. [Bushmaster]