People Having Sex At The Gym, Apparently

A recent  news expose on gym hookups is activating my germophobia like WHOA. Joel Potter, the owner of the Blue Moon Fitness centers in Omaha, Nebraska, discovered a Craigslist Casual Encounters ad, where a member was propositioning other members for oral sex in the saunas. “Looking to see if any members of Blue Moon on 108th and Q want to coordinate workout times… ideal for a straight, married guy to hit the gym and get what the wife/girlfriend hates to do,” the ad said.

Potter closed down the saunas to prevent any further sexual activity. Last year, he says he was forced to drain a $28,000 hot tub because people were having sex in it.  Potter takes the comfort of his gym members very seriously.  “I’m looking to provide a wholesome environment where an average person feels comfortable,” he said. He wants us to know that various types of sexual activity is a problem affecting fitness clubs across the country.

Oh GOD. I didn’t want to know. I have enough trouble getting to the gym as it is. Please tell me that is only happened at Blue Moon Fitness and not at The Crunch in NYC. Has anyone ever seen or heard about a gym hookup? Please share. [WOWT]