This Week In Style: Donald Trump Backs Anna Wintour For Imaginary Ambassadorship

  • The rumor that Anna Wintour is a candidate for a political ambassadorship in England is just that ― a rumor ― but that tiny detail certainly didn’t stop wig-wearer and professional wackjob Donald Trump from endorsing her. Live. On Fox News. Awkward. [Fashionista]
  • A new survey says that women apply approximately three times the amount of makeup during the holiday season that they do on an average day. I’m not surprised; everyone knows there’s no better time than Christmas and New Years to pile on the glitter eyeshadow. [Daily Mail]
  • Gender-bending model Andrej Pejic gets the Warhol treatment, posing as three of Andy’s favorite Factory girls (Nico, Edie Sedgwick, and Candy Darling, specifically) for Du Jour magazine. Says former Interview editor and Warhol friend Glenn O’Brien, “Andy would have been fascinated by Andrej.” We’re inclined to agree. [Refinery29]

  • Diamonds are the ultimate in luxury, and we can’t say we’d pass up a facial, either. (Of the skincare type, at least.) What happens when you combine the two? Patricia Wersinger puts the process to the test. [A New Mode]
  • This season is supposed to be all about oxblood in fashion and makeup, but Kristen Stewart offers up a pretty good case against putting it anywhere near your eyes. [The Cut]
  • Bad-nanas (so stupid) news for Rachel Zoe: her eponymous line is no longer being carried at Saks Fifth Avenue, and it’s reportedly doing poorly at other major retailers as well. Would you be bummed to see her collection flop? [Huffington Post]
  • With everyone getting all environmentalist these days, beauty gifts for green friends can be oh-so-hard to shop for. This selection of healthy glam-getting products should make the whole thing a little easier. [Blisstree]
  • Barneys New York underwent a painfully public financial meltdown earlier this year before hedgefund owner (and husband of Mod queen Lisa) Richard Perry swooped in to save the company. Meet the man behind the retail renaissance. [Racked]
  • The latest female model to get on the boyish bandwagon is none other than Karlie Kloss, who traded in her usual super-feminine attire for something a bit more, well, manly. [Modelinia]