Mazel Tov! Mandy Patinkin Is America’s Jewish Dad

Mandy Patinkin, who plays Saul Berenson on current Frisky obsession “Homeland,” was in the middle of an interview on “Good Day  New York” when anchor David Price was suddenly called away. Price had just received word that his wife was in labor, and was summoned immediately, and OH MY GAWD WAS MANDY PATINKIN EXCITED. Patinkin, who was the epitome of a verklempt Jewish dad, was so thrilled he didn’t even want to talk about “Homeland” anymore.  I would like Mandy Patinkin to be there when I submit my yearly income taxes. Or when I order pickles at the deli. His unbridled joy at other people’s accomplishments is heartwarming. [HyperVocal]