27 Dead, Including Children, In CT School Shooting

I don’t have much to say right now other than all of our thoughts and prayers are with the community of Newtown, CT, where a gunman allegedly killed 27 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including many precious beautiful children, according to law enforcement. (UPDATE: 27 in total have been killed, including the gunman and 20 children.) The suspect, allegedly an 18 to 22-year-old male, is dead, according to the Associated Press. I’ll update this post with more information as it comes in, but for now the video above has more details, as does the link. [CT Post; Reuters]

Readers, please feel free to use this post as a place to vent, post news links (we’ll approve them as soon as possible), and discuss your feelings on this horrific tragedy. We’ll be slowing down our usual posting schedule for the day.

The Frisky will be suspending posting for the rest of the day.

UPDATE: 10:21 p.m.: I’ve read a number of really smart and beautiful and thoughtful pieces today about this tragedy and the issues surrounding it. If you can’t think about anything else, but want to step away from TV news, I really recommend these pieces.