Today’s WTF News: Man Named “Hall” Bites Face Of Another Man Named “Oates”

  • So, this guy with the last name Oates bit another guy with the last name Hall. Seriously, even though it’s awful the guy is now missing his eyebrow, it’s okay to chuckle a little. [The FW]
  • In weird and highly unlikely rumors, is Kate Middleton’s OB-GYN a man with a murderous history? [Celeb Dirty Laundry]
  • We’ve talked at length about the various things women have attempted to transport in their vaginas, but this lady went the mammary route, hiding cocaine inside her breasts. Not in her bra, but actually in her breasts. [The Stir]
  • Here are the six stupidest things ever done on a dare. [Cracked]
  • There are plenty of folks who’ve gone from rags to riches, but how about those who have willingly given up their fortunes? [ModernMan]
  • Let’s check out the worst menswear trends of 2012. [NewNowNext]