CC Cream Set To Replace BB Cream As The All-In-One Beauty Product Of Choice

The beauty industry is kind of like Apple insofar as just when you think you’ve got your hands on the latest and greatest product, there’s an even better one already on the horizon. (Which probably explains why I refuse to upgrade my iPhone or MacBook until that shit is busted. I just can’t keep up!) Take BB cream, for example: the super-popular “beauty balm” went from being an Asian favorite made only by overseas brands (and available only on Amazon by questionably-named Korean retailers with 14-21 days shipping) to a ubiquitous formula marketed by every brand from Dior to Maybelline. At first, it was hyped as the be-all, end-all combination of primer, foundation, and concealer. It sounds rad in theory, but the actual product left something to be desired, as they tend to leave an oily finish and come in, like, two colors tops.

So, much like Apple was like, “Check out this sick new iPod!,” and then two years later was like, “Wait, now we’ve got the iPod Touch!,” the industry is over BB cream and onto CC cream. Short for “color correcting,” CC picks up where BB left off in the vow to merge makeup with skincare, covering up blemishes while treating the skin for long-term benefits. Like BB creams, CC creams are red hot in Asia, but there are only a few brands available on the U.S. market for now. Emphasis on for now, because if the blow-up of BB cream was any indication, we’ll be practically covered in CC before long. I’m probably going to buy the one named after me, just for good measure. [Refinery29]