5 Perfect Gifts For … The Well-Coiffed Guy

Julie Gerstein / December 12, 2012

All this month The Frisky is serving up holiday gift guides to help you pick presents for everyone on your list. Here, we’ve got gifts for the well-coiffed man in your life…

1. Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste And Candle: This hair paste keeps hair in place but also feels nice and soft to the touch and won’t make you feel like you’re making out with a weird living statue. Make your dude ditch his gel and get on board. Plus, it comes with a vanilla almond-scented candle. What’s better than that? [$26]

2. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Kit: Gently coax him to get rid of that disgusting facial hair with this shaving set. [$32.95]

3. Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Refueling Set: Everything your dude needs to keep his body and face looking’ good. [$58]

4. Jack Black Clean & Cool Body Basics: No, not that Jack Black. This gift set comes with Jack’s most popular skincare products, all in one easy to carry zip-top bag. [$56]

5. Ernest Supplies Tool Kit: Skincare supplies that come in an actual toolkit pouch. Contains shaving cream, face wash and matte moisturizer. [$75]