5 Perfect Gifts For … The Well-Coiffed Guy

All this month The Frisky is serving up holiday gift guides to help you pick presents for everyone on your list. Here, we’ve got gifts for the well-coiffed man in your life…

1. Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste And Candle: This hair paste keeps hair in place but also feels nice and soft to the touch and won’t make you feel like you’re making out with a weird living statue. Make your dude ditch his gel and get on board. Plus, it comes with a vanilla almond-scented candle. What’s better than that? [$26]

2. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Kit: Gently coax him to get rid of that disgusting facial hair with this shaving set. [$32.95]

3. Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Refueling Set: Everything your dude needs to keep his body and face looking’ good. [$58]

4. Jack Black Clean & Cool Body Basics: No, not that Jack Black. This gift set comes with Jack’s most popular skincare products, all in one easy to carry zip-top bag. [$56]

5. Ernest Supplies Tool Kit: Skincare supplies that come in an actual toolkit pouch. Contains shaving cream, face wash and matte moisturizer. [$75]