Frisky Q&A: Patti Stanger From “Millionaire Matchmaker” On Facebook, Rom-Coms And Feminism

I’ve always been a little afraid of “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger — not because I think she’ll yell at me and tell me I am doing everything wrong in my relationships (I am. That’s fair), but I am afraid that if I actually took her advice I could possibly live happily ever after (which my therapist and I agree is scarier than falling off the fiscal cliff).

Stanger, who has hosted six seasons of her dating reality show on Bravo is a little frightening in person. She talks incredibly fast. She is also brash and references her lady bits using hand gestures.

She also appears to be aging backwards, which should be scary, but is actually just intriguing. We chatted a little bit to try to unlock the mysteries of dating, love and appearing to be in your twenties forever.

The Frisky: Do you think it is possible for women to become addicted to dating?

Patti Stanger: Yes, the newness … just like a man when he gets laid and thinks the fizz is off, he is addicted to the newness. Women are like men now. They are looking for the sparkle. They will date for years and nothing is ever good enough.

Are things like Facebook making it harder for us to date?

Don’t give anyone your Facebook. Don’t tell them your last name. You have one bad picture on that Facebook, you’re toast.

Do you think romantic comedies are to blame? They just keep giving us false hope, like Pinterest.

No. I watch them with my boyfriend all the time. Where would we be without those yearnings to think he is out there?

So you think we need to believe true love is out there?

I think true love is not what we think it is. I think we have too many higher aspirations in love and it is too much. We are a disposable society — you’re not good enough, you’re gone tomorrow. Nobody gives anyone a chance. True love is something that grows on you and over time you learn to blend. One day you want to murder him. The next you want to give him a blowjob. Anyone that says they have a perfect marriage, they’re lying

Do you think some of your views are anti-feminist?

No. Crap! I am equal pay for equal dollar. We are making more money than men but we don’t get equal pay. When it comes to dating I want my car door opened. I want him to make a reservation or he ain’t getting this [motions towards her vagina]. Once I give this up [motions towards her vagina], I give up all my power.

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