Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: How Will “Dexter” & “Homeland” End?

Sadly, this week’s recap post is less of a bonanza than usual, because “The Walking Dead” is on mid-season hiatus until February, which means I’m only recapping “Homeland” and “Dexter.” It’s a Sunday Night Boob Tube Shindig, I suppose. And then next week, the season finales of “Dexter” and “Homeland” air, which means when “The Walking Dead” comes back, I’ll be recapping it solo. Womp womp. When does “Breaking Bad” come back again?

“Dexter.” Hannah and Dexter are, like, so in love. So in love that Dexter broke his own code and killed Hannah’s dad so that he would leave her alone. Too bad that there’s another person still intent on showing Hannah’s true colors: Dexter’s sister Debra. Dexter may have asked her to leave his new girlfriend alone because he’s, like, happppppy for once, but Debra, fueled by her devotion to fighting crime and, duh, her jealousy that the brother she’s in love with is in love with someone else, isn’t going away so easy. Before he died, Hannah’s dad told Deb about Hannah’s roommate Arlene, who witnessed one of her early murders. After Deb went to interview her — and threatened her with prison time if she didn’t stop covering for Hannah — Arlene immediately told Hannah that Deb was sniffing around.

Meanwhile, Dexter finds out that one of the men involved in his mother’s murder is going to be released from prison, which means he can finally avenge the death that unlocked his “Dark Passenger” in the first place. Unfortunately, Hector’s release is actually a setup concocted by LaGuerta, who is determined to prove Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher and catch him in the act of committing a murder. Dexter realizes just in time and is able to evade Maria’s discovery — for now. She’s not giving up, no matter what kind of additional evidence Dexter plants implicating Doakes.

So, back to Deb and Hannah and their fight over Dexter. Hannah visits Deb and proposes that they agree to disagree and make peace for Dexter’s sake. After all, they both love him, right? And Dexter is happy with Hannah, they have a future together. Deb ain’t playin’ and says the reason she’s not giving up on proving Hannah is a murder is because she loves Dexter so much. So how much does Hannah love Dexter? Enough to get Deb off her case at any cost? That’s what we’re led to believe, after Deb gets into a car accident and high levels of the anti-anxiety drug are found in her system. Deb swears up and down that she didn’t take more than her usual dose and suggests to Dexter that Hannah tried to poison her. Dexter doesn’t want to believe it, but accuses Hannah anyway, who assures him she did no such thing — and anyway, if she had, Deb would be dead. “I’ve never made a mistake,” she says.

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But that doesn’t mean she didn’t say something accidentally that might give Crazy Carrie a clue to his whereabouts. Carrie determines that Roya’s claim that Nazir “wouldn’t run” suggests that maybe he hasn’t gone anywhere – including left the warehouse she last saw him at. Carrie calls Agent Cheekbones and tells him her theory and he, knowing she’s just going to go do what she wants, promises he’ll meet her there. Not that she’s going to wait for him to go in. Carrie and what remains of the law enforcement still left at the warehouse go through the warehouse tunnels one last time and, just as Crazy Carrie suspected, in all her brilliantly wackadoo glory, Nazir is there. When Nazir indicates that he’s about to pull a weapon, he’s shot dead. Sweet relief!

I’m not sure that would be quite the phrase I’d use to describe Brody’s reaction to the news that Nazir is dead. Heartbroken relief, maybe? After all, his relationship with the guy was pretty damn complicated. Now that Brody and his family is seemingly safe — oh, how wrong they are, as Estes has given Cheekbones the go ahead to take out Brody now that Nazir is dead — they can go home. But Brody and Jess realize that home is one they probably shouldn’t share anymore. Brody begins to tell Jess the truth — that he was involved in a plan to kill the VP of the US — but she stops him. She used to want to know everything. Now she doesn’t. Carrie, she acknowledges, is the woman he can and does come clean to. I am straight up thrilled this marriage appears to be dunzo. Less Brody family shenanigans next season, PLEASE!

As Cheekbones looks on from his car, Brody goes to Carrie’s apartment. The two of them can be together now! “What I did to get Nazir to let you go,” Brody says, touching Carrie’s battered face tenderly. “It was you or Walden, Carrie. It wasn’t even close.” It’s basically the most romantic moment between them since Carrie arrested him for being a terrorist and yelled, “I fucking loved you!” in his ear. Oh, these two!