Monkey In Coat Found Wandering Ikea Parking Lot, Asking For Ligonberry Tea

The heart wants what it wants, and in the case of a mysterious monkey that popped up in a Toronto Ikea parking lot, the heart apparently wanted Swedish meatballs and cheaply made TV consoles. The Rhesus Macaque monkey was apparently in a crate in a car in the store’s parking lot when it escaped, wandering around the lot in an adorable coat. Toronto Police Sgt. Ed Dzingala stated the obvious about the situation, noting that, “It’s a smart monkey.”

Animal services were alerted to the scene and picked up the animal. Shopper Stephanie Yim noted that the monkey seemed to remain calm for the most part, though occasionally “it would start ‘monkey-screaming.'” The monkey was reunited with its owners later that day, but not before two parody Twitter accounts were created.

We’re happy the monkey was returned to its owners, but really, the big question is where did he get that snazzy coat?

And oh, check out this photo of the monkey chilling with Drake. [CBC]