Lena Dunham’s Entire Book Proposal Posted Online

  • Gawker has posted Lena Dunham’s $3.7 million book proposal in full. It’s filled with twee little drawings and twee little fonts and general twee-ness all around. And then, if you scroll three-fourths of the way down (after page 36), there’s a picture of some kind of barnyard animal pooping. No joke. [Gawker]
  • The Australian radio show DJs who prank called Kate Middleton’s hospital and were patched through to her private nurse have been taken off the air after the hospital employee responsible for putting through the call committed suicide in London. [Daily Mail UK]

  • Shanae Grimes is engaged to her British model boyfriend Josh Beech. Mazel tov! [Just Jared]
  • 38 people who had a worse 2012 than you did. [HyperVocal]
  • Does Jennifer Aniston’s publicist do anything other than release statements confirming Jen is not pregnant? [US Weekly]
  • Betty White is spending Christmas alone with her dog. Aww, won’t someone invite her over? [Best Week Ever]
  • There’s a “Hobbit” Christmas song? There’s a “Hobbit” Christmas song. [NYmag.com]
  • Stephen Baldwin — that would be the lesser-known, Jesus freak brother of Alec Baldwin — was arrested yesterday for failing to file his tax returns for four years. [The Superficial]
  • What the hell is “slut-dropping” and can it please stay on the other side of the pond? [NYmag.com]

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