5 Perfect Gifts For … The Book Nerd

All this month The Frisky is serving up holiday gift guides to help you pick presents for everyone on your list. Here, we’ve got gifts for the reading fanatic in your life…

1. Literary Art iPad Cases: Hide your modern technology in the comfy covers of a book. [$39.99]

2. Self Inking Personalized Bookplate Ex Libris: Sick of losing all the books you lend? this personalized bookplate will remind people who that copy of 50 Shades of Grey really belongs to. [$27.95]

3. Reading: This Shit Is Crazy T-Shirt: Designed by the hilarious Katie Beaton, and taken from her Hark! A Vagrant comics, we are obsessed with this shirt. Reading is crazy. [$18]

4. Quiet Please Librarian Glicee Print: Have your own naughty librarian–print, anyway. [$299.99]

5. Personal Library Kit: Fantasize about being a librarian. You know you want to. [$16.95]