Gross Young People Are Using Social Media On The Toilet

My best friend called me over the Thanksgiving break.

“I  have to call you back. I’m about to poop,” I told her.

“She’s going to call us back,” I could hear her say to someone next to her. Probably her mother. “She needs to poop.”

You didn’t need to repeat that!” I shrieked.

See, I did the right thing here by not taking that call. But KIDS THESE DAYS (shakes fist in the air) are increasingly using their smart phones and tablets on the toilet.

According to The Atlantic, a survey of 200,000 Internet users by Nielsen and NM Incite found young people are the largest group to report using social media while on the loo. Thirty-four percent of youngsters aged 18 to 24 have done something gross like tweet while dropping a deuce, compared to only 15 percent of 35- to 44-year-olds.

I guess this is just the modern version of going into the bathroom with a magazine, although more prone to end very, very badly. Magazines are not expensive and prone to slipping out from the crook of your shoulder as you bend over to flush!

Do you use social media, your computer, or even your phone on the toilet? [Yes. I am editing this post on the toilet, actually. — Editor] Let us know in the comments.

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