Photographer Who Took NY Post’s Subway Death Cover Photo Explains Himself

Freelance photographer R. Umar Abbasi appeared on “The Today Show” this morning to discuss his now infamous photo of Ki Suk Han, moments before he was struck by a New York City subway, which appeared in yesterday’s cover of The New York Post. Many — including myself — have expressed outrage that the photo appears on the cover of the paper, especially alongside such an insensitive and sensational headline, and also questioned the photographer’s motivations. Why didn’t he do anything to help Mr. Han? Why was he taking photos? Was he really using his camera flash to alert the driver? In the interview above, Abbasi does a good job explaining everything that happened, from his perspective, and justifies snapping this incredibly chilling shot — which he has licensed out to the Post — as basically an accident. Whether you believe his account or not, the thing I find most upsetting is that there was 22 seconds between the time Han was thrown on the tracks and he was hit by the train — plenty of time for someone, or many someones, to try to help him. According to Abbasi, no one even tried.

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