Hump Day Hottie: Garrett Hedlund In Interview Magazine

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There are two very good reasons to watch the otherwise lame film “Country Strong” (spoiler alert!): Gwyneth Paltrow’s character is a drunk who meets a tragic end and GARRETT HEDLUND. That film was the first to introduce me to this Minnesota-born hunk and I’ll be forever grateful to it. Garrett’s got it all; first of all, look at him. I want to make sweet love to him on top of a barrel of hay or something. I’d happily spend my Sunday mornings conditioning his mustache so it’s not as scratchy when we make out. I’d put whiskey in his coffee and he wouldn’t even have to ask. Love him. Garrett also stars alongside Kristen Stewart and his current girlfriend Kirsten Dunst in “On The Road,” playing Dean Moriarty. He’s one of the two who gets that double handjob. Never been more jealous of Kristen Stewart in my life, for serious. His next project is a film called “Lullaby” with Amy Adams, but I hope he makes time to do more sexy ass photoshoots like this one in Interview. Click on through and enjoy! [Interview]