This New York Post Cover Is Not Okay

Yesterday in midtown Manhattan, a 58-year-old husband and father was thrown onto the subway tracks by a “deranged” pan handler and was crushed to death by an oncoming train. Today’s New York Post cover features a photo of Ki Suk Han “desperately” trying to “scramble back onto the platform as onlookers screamed, shouted and frantically waved their hands and bags in a bid to get the downtown Q train to stop.” This moment was caught by a freelance Post photographer, who was using his camera flash in an attempt to get the train driver’s attention. It’s an incredibly chilling image made ever the more so upsetting by the Post’s sensational headline. “This man is about to die”? “DOOMED”? I understand, of course, why the paper would want to include this image alongside their story on Han’s tragic death — but on the cover? With coverlines that almost rejoice in his perilous situation and its inevitable outcome? So grotesque. The only time I would honestly find using this image on the cover acceptable is if Han had narrowly made it off the tracks in time and wasn’t doomed after all. How must Han’s family feel, seeing this image of their loved one’s final moments just before being crushed to death? And all to sell newspapers. Not okay at all.