The Perfect Holiday Beauty Supplement For Any Good Nail Art-Loving Jew

I went to Hebrew school for three years, and every single second of it was unequivocally lame. I was, of course, really terribly behaved, because that’s the family legacy. (My dad was ejected from the same establishment for riding a bike through the halls 30+ years earlier.) But maybe if I had Rabbi Yael Buechler as a teacher, I would have retained more from the experience than the Shabbat Candle Lighting prayer and a latent love of coconut macaroons. The 26-year-old Jewish day school teacher captured media attention last year for her unorthodox religious teaching methods. Read: manicures. Buechler started the Midrash Manicures (referring to “the deep textual interpretation of the Bible, with every word examined for meaning”) club at Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, where she teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls how to paint their nails in designs inspired by weekly Torah portions.

The Rabbi’s program has been a huge success at Schechter and beyond ― a number of other rabbis and Jewish educators reached out to Buechler following her New York Times feature to express interest in implementing a similar program at their respective schools and temples, so much so that she actually created a curriculum to share with others. But for the rest of us jealous Jews who aren’t fortunate enough to experience Buechler’s cheeky, clever religious-inspired manicures firsthand, she has kindly expanded to offer stick-on Hanukkah nail decals on her website. It’s a Hanukkah miracle! Even I, a secular agnostic anti-organized religion scrooge from a Reform family that never even knows when Hanukkah is, may not be able to resist picking up a pack, because fuck if I don’t need dreidels on my nails this holiday season. [Fashionista]