Friends With Benefits Are The Best At Using Condoms

Friends with benefits often get a bum rap. But I am happy to report that they are acing it in the condom department. An online survey, the results of which were published in the Journal of Sex Research, found that FWBs are the most likely to use condoms during sex. Of the 376 mostly twentysomethings who were questioned, about half said they were involved in a FWB situation. On the downside, the FWBers reported being less sexually satisfied and less able to discuss their sexual desires with their partners. No surprise there.

This sounds like good news, but it’s actually kind of meh. The FWBers were found to use condoms more often, yes. BUT they were also more likely to have more sex partners, putting them at greater risk for STIs than the monogamous couples, who probably weren’t using condoms as much because they were monogamous and practicing other forms of birth control. So, twelve of one, half dozen of another. Basically, I’ve just used a lot of words to tell you that people having NSA sex with friends are using the protection they should be using. [NY Daily News]