Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Buckingham Palace Has Confirmed!

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Kate Middleton
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kate middleton pregnant

Hooray! Kate Middleton is pregnant! Buckingham Palace confirmed that Prince William and Duchess Catherine are expecting, after months of tongue-wagging every time she wore a baggy dress, wouldn’t eat peanuts, or sipped a glass of water. The confirmation came after Kate Middleton was admitted to a London hospital this morning for severe morning sickness. Aw, even princesses get the pukes when they’re knocked up. The palace confirmed Kate will stay in the hospital for several days. The new baby will be the first grandkid for both the royal family and the Middletons and will be third in line for the throne, regardless of his or her gender, after Prince Charles and Prince William. Congrats, Will and Kate. (Um, what do British people say in moments of celebration?) Cheers! Pip Pip! Tally ho! [The Today Show] [Image: Getty]

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