Reason Number 2,453 Why Canada Is Better Than Us: Canadian University Installs “Puppy Room” For Stressed Out Students

Do you go to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada? No? Well, get your but there on December 4, 5 and 6th, because the school is creating a goddamned puppy room for stressed out students. The pups won’t be permanently on campus; they’re graciously volunteering their time and soft, floppy ears with volunteers from Therapeutic Paws Of Canada, which is an organization that brings cats and dogs to schools, senior centers and other people in need.

Dalhousie’s students are — predictably — thrilled. “My major paper is due at 4 p.m. on the 4th … I will beeline it to the Puppy Room,” wrote student Jimmy Tennant. Several other Canadian universities, including McGill and the University of Ottawa have run similar programs.

On the menu: The first day, they’ll have a Labradoodle, Sheltie and a Golden Retriever. The next day will feature a Sheltie and a Papillon. And on the final day, a St. Bernard (!), Dalmatian, and Papillon. Life dream status!

And, not to leave the cat lovers out of the mix, Dalhousie is working with the local SPCA to shuttle students to its nearby locations to walk dogs and pet cats. [Huffington Post]