Coolest Job On The Planet: “Game Of Thrones” Cunning Linguist

I’m forever going through “Game of Thrones” withdrawal, so anytime news of the show pops up in my feed I am on it. Like today there was an interview with David J. Peterson, who is a linguist and the guy who created all of the amazing imaginary “Game of Thrones” languages.

This guy could teach you to speak Dothraki like a pro. 

Peterson has created a variety of tongues throughout his career, most recently four different languages for the new SyFy series “Defiance”

But wait, how did he come up with the grunty vocal pattern for Dothraki? “With Dothraki, I dropped in a really difficult sound, which is the uvular stop, a voiceless uvular stop Q, and it’s just — it rarely comes out right. It was just too difficult,” explains Peterson. “So I try my best to use a smaller number of sounds, limit the number of really alien and difficult sounds and instead work more with syllable structure and intonation.”

And how would you go about creating your own new language? Says Peterson, “Create a consistent sound system, consistent word patterns, the series of consonants and vowels, and don’t use too much. Do things sparingly.”

Aha. [Forbes]