Carrie Underwood Cast As Maria Von Trapp In NBC’s “Sound Of Music”

  • Carrie Underwood has been cast as Maria von Trapp in NBC’s TV movie revival of “The Sound Of Music.” OK, so she’s blonde … and can sing … but that’s about it with the similarity to Julie Andrews. Maybe they cast a country star for more mainstream appeal?  Hitler’s taken control of Austria, y’all!  [The Wrap]
  • The woman Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched at a NYC nightclub is a professional psychic named Tiffany Mitchell. This story is getting as weird as the Petraus scandal. [Gawker, Gothamist]

  • Spoiler alert: look who “American Horror Story” is bringing back! I approve.  [BlackBook Mag]
  • Mustache surgery — whaaaat? [Newser]
  • Liz Lemon is a married lady now! Two writers give their take on what it means for “30 Rock”‘s pioneering single lady to no longer single. [Salon]
  • … but blogger Jennifer Wright from The Gloss asks why getting married always has to be the happy ending for female characters. [The Gloss]
  • 22 disturbing photos of “Elf On The Shelf” to ruin your holidays. [HyperVocal]
  • Blogger Lesley Kinzel from xoJane asks you to take a holiday from Spanx. Sign me up, gurl. [xoJane]
  • Kate Middleton’s nickname in school was cute … but strange. [Daily Beast]
  • A tree exploded on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., this afternoon as a piece of performance art. [DCist]
  • Hidden life lessons of reality TV. [New York Times]

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