Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Rents His Bald Head As Ad Space

Dear Brandon Chicotsky,

Congrats on your new business venture,! I love that you turned your early onset baldness into a way to make money and bring “bald and beautiful back.” Not that it was ever out, per se. At least, not in my mind. Seriously, I think you look good, even with that logo on your head. And if I had anything to advertise (I don’t at the moment), I would definitely pay $320 a day for you to be my own personal walking billboard.

As if your whole bald advertising schtick weren’t charming enough, I’m digging the fact that you donate half of your company’s proceeds to the Alopecia Areata Foundation. Solid, Brandon, solid.

Here’s to your continued success! If you’re ever in New York, call me. Or you can just paint my name on your head and I’ll know you read this.

Best of luck,

Ami Angelowicz

[Oddity Central]