Alabama Woman Attacked For Being Lesbian Releases Statement

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  • Mallory Owens, the lesbian woman in Alabama who was allegedly brutally beaten up on Thanksgiving by her girlfriend’s brother because he did not “approve” of their relationship, has released a statement about the hate crime attack. [Queerty]
  • On how white male anger has found an outlet in Susan Rice. [Slate]
  • Why hating Chris Brown isn’t the same as supporting Rihanna. []
  • Offensive boy band lyrics rewritten to be more feminist! [PopDust]
  • When will we stop pretending college athletes can’t be rapists? [Jezebel]
  • The Obama administration endorses abortion access for military survivors of rape. []
  • Here’s a chat with the filmmaker behind “Wonder Woman! The Untold Story Of American Superheroines.” [San Francisco Weekly]


  • A couple in Singapore is challenging the law that criminalizes lesbian and gay sex. [Seattle Times]
  • A new version of a bill to criminalize homosexuality in Uganda supposedly will not include the death penalty as punishment. [New York Times]

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