Lindsay Lohan Arrested For 4 A.M. Nightclub Assault In NYC

  • Lindsay Lohan. Four o’clock this morning. A club in NYC’s Meatpacking District. Some unfortunate 28-year-old woman allegedly got punched in the face. This is my “surprised” face. [TMZPeople, US Weekly]

  • Speaking of people who can’t stay out of jail: Olympic soccer player Hope Solo’s husband Jerramy Stevens was arrested yesterday for violating probation. It’s his second arrest this month. [Wet Paint]
  • Dule Hill from “Psych” and “The West Wing” is back on the market again, ladies. [TMZ]
  • Ruh roh! This is the scariest thing you will ever read about how much fat and salt is in the cheese you love to eat. [Guardian UK]
  • Jared Leto is scary skinny and has no eyebrows because he’s playing a transsexual in a film. [Socialite Life]
  • “The Daily Show”‘s Kristen Schaal hit up Conan’s show to chat about her awkward high school theater years. [Jezebel]
  • The Frisky’s intern Daley Quinn has a piece in her school newspaper about how UNC-Chapel Hill is no longer using the term “freshman” to describe first-year students in an effort to be more gender neutral. [The Ram]
  • Here’s how to do all your holiday shopping for the Jane Austen fan in your life. [Los Angeles Times]
  • “The Hunger Games” has spawned a generation of young archery fans. (And, um, possibly some skewered eyeballs.) [New York Times]

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