America, This Is Your New Viral Video

There are a lot of theories going around the Interwebs right now about who Ashli Gay really is, and if that’s her mother sitting behind her, revealing her bra. This video was apparently made in response to a woman named Ellie King, who accused Ashli of being fake, which is why, we suppose, she spends half the video attempting to validate her own existence. But aside from the obvious comedy of the mother/daughter hype team here, all you really need to know is in another video, Ashli says, “My dad is not a fuckin’ horse. And gee, I didn’t know horses could drive a truck and go to work. And I’m not a llama. Last time I checked, llamas don’t have periods.” Just so we’re clear.

Sometimes you don’t get the viral videos you want, you get the viral videos you deserve.