Afghan Man Murders Cousin, 15, After Her Family Rejects His Marriage Proposal

  • An Afghani man had his 15-year-old cousin Nishina killed after her family rejected his marriage proposal. A cousin and nephew slit Nishina’s throat as she walked to fetch water from a well. This is what happens when violence against women is not taken seriously by a government: according to Human Rights Watch, men in Afghanistan feel entitled to maim or murder women and girls who have angered them. [Guardian UK]
  • Some important marriage equality cases are headed to the Supreme Court tomorrow — read this and brush up on what’s going on. [Mother Jones]
  • Her ex and her fiance were the ones throwing punches, but some media outlets are victim-blaming Halle Berry for the violence. [Feministing]
  • U.S. professional soccer is making its third attempt to form a women’s league. [Think Progress]
  • California police allegedly covered up serial rape and sexual abuse at state-run facilities for the disabled over a period of four years. [Think Progress]
  • How the women’s movement can inspire a new generation of men who want to rewrite about masculinity. [American Prospect]
  • Thirteen myths and misconceptions about trans women. [Everyday Feminism]
  • Strippers scored a landmark victory last week in the fight for fair wages. [The Atlantic]
  • Meet Talia Mark, the USA Swimming executive who wants to teach more minorities how to swim and drastically cut the number of drowning deaths. [Madame Noire]
  • On “Murphy Brown” (my mom’s favorite show that she watched when I was a kid) and the persistent pestilence of single moms. [Bitch Magazine]


  • The family of Savita Halappanavar, the Indian woman who died from blood poisoning in Ireland after doctors refused to terminate her pregnancy while she was painfully miscarrying, is threatening to take the government to the European Court Of Human Rights. [Irish Central]
  • A Russian court has banned web sites from posting videos of Pussy Riot’s “punk prayer” performance in which they spoke out against President Vladmir Putin inside a church. []
  • Berlin, Germany, has opened its first assisted-living facility for lesbian and gay folks. [Queerty]

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