5 Things To Know About Vito Schnabel, The Guy Demi Moore Is Supposedly Banging Now

Vito Schnabel is the man piece that Demi Moore has supposedly taken up with post-Ashton. Demi obviously likes ‘em young — Schnabel is a wee 26 — but this is Moore’s non-Hollywood loverman in a while. So what’s this guy all about? After the jump, we give you the 411 on Mr. Schnabel…

1. Yup, He’s The Son Of That Other Schnabel: Vito’s dad is Julian Schnabel, the temperamental painter and director of “Basquiat” and “The Diving Bell And The Butterfly.” Vito’s also the bro of Lola and Stella Schnabel, and along with his sisters, grew up to be art world demi-royalty.

2. He’s Followed In His Dad’s Footsteps, Sort Of: In addition to looking just like his dad’s jaw, Vito Schnabel also travels in his father’s art world circles. He’s part of the rotating group of anonymous curators who make up the Bruce High Quality Foundation, a crew of ersatz-incendiary art world bon vivants. And he represents a slew of artists, including Theo A. Rosenblum, René Ricard and Vahkn Arslanian. You can follow his artists on his own eponymous website.

3. He’s A Fan Of Older Women: Schnabel’s previously been linked to Elle Macpherson (whom he supposedly dated when he was 21 and she was 44) and Liv Tyler, who is nine years his senior.

4. He Lobbied For Anarchy In Arts Education By Riding Around in A Limo Painted To Look Like A School Bus.

5. Before He Had His Own Space, Vito Used To Hold Shows At His Father’s West Village Manse: Dubbed the Palazzo Chupi, the Schnabel’s West Village home was well-known for its tacky pink walls.