Women With Endometriosis Are Seen As More Attractive, Study Claims

Women with the most severe forms of endometriosis are seen as more attractive than those with mild forms or no form of the disease, according to a new study conducted by Dr. Paolo Vercellini, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Universita degli Studi in Milan.

Endometriosis is problem with a woman’s uterus in which the tissue that grows on the inside of her uterine lining also grows on the outside, sometimes covering the ovaries, intestines or other organs within the body. It causes abnormal bleeding and can make it difficult for some women to conceive.

What does endo have to do with attractiveness, though?

The study suggest a more feminine body type, so to speak, results from the disease. In other words, with body parts like the pelvic area being enlarged, a woman’s hips might appear fuller, hence the heightened attractiveness. Also, women who are perceived by others as attractive can be linked to higher estrogen levels, which, according to MSNBC, “might favor the development of the aggressive and infiltrating endometriotic lesions, particularly in the most feminine subjects.”

I guess beauty really is pain, huh?

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