Hump Day Hottie: John Hawkes

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This weekend, I saw the most amazing movie starring one of my favorite indie actors of the past few years, John Hawkes. The movie is called “The Sessions” and is about a man, stricken with polio as a child, who spends most of his time inside an iron lung and hires a sex surrogate (played by Helen Hunt) to help him lose his virginity. The movie is based on the real story of the main character, Mark O’Brien, who wrote about his experience for an article on which the film is based. Hawkes plays Mark and is absolutely phenenomenal. The role called for very little physical movement, since Mark really can only move his head, but Hawkes’ spirit ignited the screen in this incredibly vulnerable role. While the character doubts his own attractiveness because of the limits of his physical body (which Hunt’s character helps him to see the power and beauty in), I found his depth — brought to life by Hawkes performance — to be utterly sexy. Hawkes is already garnering major Oscar buzz for his work in “The Sessions” and yesterday scored himself an Independent Spirit Award nomination.

John Hawkes as Mark O'Brien in "The Sessions." I dig his sweet shades.

But back to my crush — John Hawkes is the prime example of a man I might never give a second glance on the street, but on screen absolutely sets my loins on fire. Whether he’s playing creepy bastards like the cult leader in “Martha Marcy May Marlene” or the menacing meth-addicted uncle in “Winter’s Bone,” or making me laugh as Kenny Powers’ patient brother Dustin on “Eastbound and Down,” I am transfixed. As a fan of almost all male facial hair (I do not abide the goatee, but basically everything else is game on), my knees basically buckled the second my eyes laid upon John’s sort of Western-style mustache/soul patch combo. I want it to tickle me all over. Sigh. Seriously, you guys, do yourself a favor, run out and see “The Sessions” and then see everything else John has been in — you won’t regret it.