Defense Attorney Likens 11-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim To “Spider” Who Lured Men To Her Web

  • Victim blaming! Racism! The trial for those involved in a videotaped gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Texas, is, predictably, a demoralizing shitshow. You’re going to need to go to your happy place for awhile after reading this one. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Every hospital in Mississippi has refused to grant admitting privileges to abortion providers at the state’s only clinic, which may force the Jackson Women’s Health Care Clinic to close. [Jezebel]
  • Arizona’s Department of Health Services has launched a website to discourage women from having an abortion, which contains misleading information about how dangerous it is to terminate a pregnancy. []
  • The “War On Men” op-ed author Suzanne Venker — niece of archconservative anti-feminist Phyllis Schafly — spreads more of her sexist stereotyping over at The Cut. []
  • Some good news: the head of Ohio’s State Senate said he will not be bringing two bills designed to restrict abortion rights to the floor during this legislative session. []
  • The 2012 election may have been a banner year for women candidates, but there are exactly zero women running major House of Representative committees in 2012. [The Atlantic]
  • An anti-gay so-called “reparative therapy” group for homosexual men had participants “violently beat effigies of their mothers.” [Queerty]
  • Melinda Gates from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation talks about the org’s family planning initiative. [Huffington Post]
  • On women of color and their faith. [Racialicious]
  • On how women are making more inroad into tech. [USA Today]


  • Meet Adela Hernandez, Cuba’s first-ever transgender public official. [Dlisted]
  • Why Chinese women are training to become bodyguards for billionaires. [ABC News]
  • Meet the Afghan women making inroads into soccer. [NPR]
  • What a paternity case in France can tell us about sexism against French lady-politicians. [Guardian UK]

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