Bangladesh Woman Forced To Remarry Husband After He Threw Acid In Her Face

As if dealing with a cheating and violent husband is not enough to endure, a Bangladeshi woman had acid thrown into her face by her husband when she dared to divorce him.

Nurbanu, 36, discovered her husband with another woman and divorced him — only to find herself doused in acid by him eight days later. Now, blind and with a completely scarred and mutilated face, Nurbanu has been forced to remarry her husband.

After going into hiding for throwing acid on his wife, Nurbanu’s husband was jailed for a year and later bailed out by his mother. According to the UK’s Daily Mail,  Nurbanu’s sons pressured her to marry her abusive husband again, who still beats her.

Acid violence is a serious and pervasive problem throughout Bangladesh, with many women being attacked by their husbands or other men, who refuse to view woman as having any rights. The number of acid attacks has fallen from 500 in 2002, to 111 in 2011, but they are still incidences that scar victims for a lifetime. Many survivors of acid attacks are unable to find work after they have been assaulted, which makes them literally prisoners of their abusers.

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