Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Sagittarius Lifestyle

Happy birthday, all you awesome Sagittarians! Your adventurous spirit and zest for life are totally contagious, and infuse the world with fresh energy and excitement. Even in calmer moments, your open mind and passion for learning always set you apart from the crowd. How can the rest of us learn to live a little more like a Sagittarian? Here are 10 ways to start…

1. Always speak your mind; never stifle your honest thoughts and feelings.

2. Approach life with a spirit of excitement and adventure.

3. Have the confidence that you can and will accomplish anything you set out to do.

4. Ask questions about anything and everything.

5. Trust yourself–you always have a strong sense of what you want and where you stand.

6. Be giving and generous with friends and loved ones.

7. No matter the task at hand, always strive to do your absolute best.

8. Never pass up the opportunity to talk with people about real issues. Value healthy discussion and respectful debate.

9. Share your lively sense of humor with everyone around you.

10. Live in the moment and be open to all of life’s experiences.